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ROUND 5, Sunday 7 September 2014
Venue: Island Block Road, Meremere
Signposted from SH1 at Meremere

We are again able to use the venue on Island Block Rd Meremere. Just two kms from the SH1 turnoff by the old Meremere power station.

As its on DOC land we need to follow a few rules otherwise we risk losing this land, here are the basic rules – please read and adhere to them:

*no soil or plant material is brought onto the land by way of any vehicle or equipment (please clean your bikes/cars before you come)
*non-competitors must not enter onto the marked course during any event
*No fires are to be lit on the land
*All fuel or oil spills will be promptly cleaned up in an environmentally sound manner
*Dogs are not to be taken onto the land
*All rubbish must be removed

We run motocross, cross country, endurance and pony express events throughout the year on both the Club track and local farmers’ properties.

All categories of riders are catered for from minis through to vets, including exclusive ladies races.